Unlocking Business Success

Our Strategic Partnerships

At A-1 Wireless Inc., we pride ourselves on fostering over 500 meaningful partnerships with dealers, both small and large, across the thriving landscapes of Canada and the USA. Our commitment to collaboration extends across various services, including fulfillment, product offerings, and prepaid services.


Why Partner with

A-1 Wireless Inc.

Partner with A-1 Wireless Inc. for comprehensive solutions tailored to consumer needs, efficient recovery processes, streamlined inventory management, and expert marketing support. Elevate your business with us.


Extensive Network

Join a network that spans over 500 dealers, providing unparalleled access to diverse markets and opportunities.


Fulfillment Excellence

Our fulfillment services are designed for seamless integration, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery to your customers.


Diverse Product Range

Explore a vast array of products that cater to the dynamic needs of your clientele, backed by the quality assurance of A-1 Wireless Inc.


Prepaid Service Solutions

Simplify and elevate your offerings with our prepaid services, adding value to your business and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Proven Success

Benefit from our track record of successful partnerships, where mutual growth and prosperity are at the core of our collaborative approach.



Unparalleled Connectivity for End Users

At A-1 Wireless Inc., we prioritize providing effective solutions for end-user customers. We understand the vital need to stay connected and the challenges of being without your cell phone. Utilizing OEM approved test hardware, software, and genuine parts, our repairs offer effective and efficient solutions that exceed expectations.


Unlocking Value in Wireless Technology

Specializing in buying and selling overstock, closeout, and surplus network excess from big wireless manufacturers, A-1 Wireless Inc. offers a seamless solution for excess technology products. Maximize recovery through effective and efficient processes, minimizing manual tasks with our assistance.


Streamlining Your Inventory

Concerned about excess stock in your inventory? Looking to sell returned, excess, or liquidation inventory? A-1 Wireless Inc. provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your needs. Let us help you manage and sell your surplus inventory efficiently.


Simplifying Consumer Electronics Sales

A-1 Wireless Inc. empowers wholesalers to effortlessly sell consumer electronic goods and surplus inventory. If you're seeking a trusted buyer, turn to A-1 Wireless Inc. Contact our purchasing department for a seamless process to sell your surplus inventory.


Driving Your Marketing Success

At A-1 Wireless Inc., our marketing associates plan and implement marketing and advertising activities. Proficient in market research and customer behavior analysis, our associates understand the intricacies of marketing to drive success for your business.